Send us an email with your size and preferred color. Sizes available in XS through XXL.
If you want a customized back please specify the name and/ or (max) two digit number
you want. After receiving your order we will send you the payment details.
NOTE: Order for shirts will only be processed after payment has been received.

Email: dutchtargetshop@gmail.com


Limited amount of Ducthtarget caps will be available in Nimes for special price. No need to
pre order unless you really want one ;).
Look for us (Sjef and Dean) and get your cap directly from us.
After Nimes caps will be available to order. Different colors coming soon as well.

Email: dutchtargetshop@gmail.com

Special Hat-Shirt Combo
If you order the hat-shirt combo we can offer you a special price of €45,00 for the hat and the shirt with customized back.
Email: dutchtargetshop@gmail.com